The 37th Annual Christmas Tree Auction features 14 decorated trees, sponsored by local businesses.

Gail Zurek, of the Visalia Chamber of Commerce, said, “Their decorations say a little bit about who they are or for some charities, it is an opportunity to do something a little different and there are gifts underneath the tree.

It may be tradition but there is always something new and exciting. In addition to the live band, larger dance floor and drumline kicking off the event, this year restaurants, and catering companies are joining in on the fun.

Zurek said, “No one has a heart like the chefs of our town. And so they’ve partnered with our charities to make sure their food is in front of their charities tree. This partnership is really promoting both of them.”

The main room cannot contain all of the Christmas cheer so they brought it into the hallway. There are dozens of trees and silent auction items to bid on.

Proceeds from ticket sales and both auctions benefit more than 30 South Valley nonprofit organizations.

Love Inc. of Tulare County decided to sponsor an additional tree for the Daughters of Hope Scholarship Program benefiting children aging out of the foster care system.

Dorinne Henken, of Love INC, said, “We’re always thinking about this next generation and what tools we can give them to succeed in their future. ”

Promoting their organizations are equally as important, The Open Arms House is the first social model hospice house in the Central Valley.

July Hong, of the Open Arms House, said, “We want this to feel like the four walls of their home we want them to feel special and loved and cared for and safe.”

The six bed, residential care facility for the elderly hopes to open its doors January 2018.

“We really want to establish ourselves as a nonprofit and participating in something like the Christmas Tree Auction will really help us get our foot off the ground,” Hong said.