“My Mother’s stay at The Open Arms House was for 2 short months but in that time, we spent what felt like an eternity of love, laughter, tears, deep conversations, and sad goodbyes.

We owe a debt of gratitude and thankfulness to each of the Staff, Board of Directors and especially the Executive Director, Sabrina Jimenez. Mom received from each of them, respect, love, safety, care, understanding, patience and the ability to die with her dignity intact.

Our journey of fighting cancer was not long, but it was shocking for what it took from us. Our greatest need was to have someone take over as a caregiver for our mother, to give respite not only to our Mom but to ourselves. The day we entered The Open Arms was the day we knew we were doing the right thing! I pray that everyone, when it is their time, finds their end of the journey at The Open Arms. My mother found happiness again while at Open Arms and I know anyone who chooses to go there will feel the same as my Mom.”