Open Arms House was such a gift to my family during an intense and painful time. I was mourning the imminent loss of my dad and carrying the weight of responsibility to make all of the decisions. Sabrina
and the care workers were a true answer to prayer. They were professional, personal, and compassionate – beyond my hopes and dreams. I feel so bonded to the staff, like they are family, and I’m in awe because I often stop and think; ‘they are loving people right now who are going through the same thing.’ Open Arms is such a gift!
Shortly after my dad got settled at Open Arms, he apologized because he initially protested the idea of going there. He said, “I almost missed out on all of this.” The fact that he was at peace and comfortable meant the world to me and my mom. We wanted the best for him, and he got it at Open Arms.
The house itself is ideal: clean, beautiful, and pleasant. But the key is in the care. I knew my dad was in good hands, even when I was not there. Several times I returned from a break and found the staff holding his hand and talking with him; even when he wasn’t very alert. Moments like that show the heart of Open Arms and their sincere empathy. They choose to get emotionally invested in what’s going on. I am grateful for the love and compassion they showed to my family.
Joe Brown, Son of Robert Brown
Redondo Beach, CA